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The International ICD-10 Homeo Hackathon

We are happy to announce our new project in collaboration with the Government Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital in Bhopal (India). Our aim is to link the ICD with homeopathic concepts of disease progression and cure.

Homeopaths know that the appearance of different diseases over a lifetime is not random.  It follows certain rules, same as the course of a cure should follow particular rules.

The objective of this project is to link homeopathic knowledge to the ICD-10 (International classification of disease) in order to make this knowledge easily applicable for colleagues from all medical professions.
Further, we will analyze large datasets on an AI (artificial intelligence) basis, to recognize patterns that can be helpful to make informed decisions in terms of therapies and health policy issues.

This project is only possible with the expertise and diligence of the  colleagues from Bhopal and we are looking forward to welcome them as Campace fellows. Our special thanks goes to:


Prof.Dr.Nisanth KM Nambison MD (Hom.) currently Associate Professor & Nodal Officer for Research in Tribals in the Government Homeopathic Medical college & Hospital, Bhopal INDIA. A postgraduate in homeopathy. Ex-State Convenor, Hemoglobinopathy Mission, Department of Health, Govt. of MP Principal investigator of the world's largest homeopathic study.


He is a rare combination of a medico & techie (twin post-graduation) holds MD (Hom.) in Homeopathic Medical Science & MSc in computer science. In the healthcare industry, the majority of data is unstructured and the data is difficult to access and analyze. As a data enthusiast, he understands how to assemble meaningful stories from fragmented, heterogeneous big data.

And to our indian project coordinator:


dr Abhishek Dhar Dwivedi (BHMS) is presently working as Medical Officer (Research) in Government Hemoglobinopathy Research Project (world's largest homeopathic study) at Government Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Bhopal, India. He has vast experience in health care, disease management
as well as large scale health project management and administration. He also has excellent experience in planning, coordination, data management, IEC/BCC, quality assurance activities, implementation of protocols and community surveys, screening.


He aspires to work for the improvement of the health system and health conditions of the people and to plan and provide equitable, affordable and quality health care by using his knowledge in medical science and acute sense of medical analysis.

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